A Work of Art of its Own

ESI was selected to be the construction manager for the 90,000 square-foot, $41 million Fine Arts building located right along the Boise river on the Boise State University campus. The five story building will bring fine arts students, currently scattered throughout five buildings on campus, into one location. The new structure is built to elevate the Department of Art from near anonymity with signature structural designs.

An Anchor of Excellence

The building is designed with two contrasting buildings. One is blue, one is beige and they both veer away from each other but join by a glass lobby, described as a “jewel case.” The foundation ESI built acts as a major anchor to the arts and cultural life of Boise that will always be seen when driving into the downtown area.

Artistic Appeal

The facility includes studios for each artistic medium, such as ceramics or painting, multiple classrooms, and a high-tech World Museum, which enables students and visitors to “virtually” visit many world-class museums around the world.