Early National Signing Day

In celebration of Early National Signing Day for students across the nation, we’re proud to introduce Johanna Marx (Construction Management) and Justin Stattner (Accountancy), both of Boise State University.

«I was able to intern with ESI for almost a year before signing my offer.  Throughout that time I got to really see their culture and how work was conducted within the company.  I felt at home and loved the diverse opportunities I was able to experience, so I decided to make it official!» – Johanna Marx

Dedicated, dynamic, and dependable – what we refer to as the 3Ds – are the traits that define our ESI staff; it is the driving force behind what we look for in a teammate.  Johanna Marx and Justin Stattner are no exception and fully authentically embody the 3Ds. The ambitious young professionals will be joining our high-performance teams as full-time Project Engineers.

«I first joined ESI because of the opportunity that they offer; I am staying because of the people they have and the culture they’ve created.» – Justin Stattner

ESI is fortunate to attract such talent, and we are excited to see them progress and grow.  Welcome to the ESI Way!

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