Idaho’s Top Projects 2019

IBR 2019 Top Projects announced! ESI is honored to be recognized for the following awards and we applaud our industry peers for their shared recognition. ESI is proud to offer our community with dynamic construction projects supported by our dependable and dedicated team!

Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine – 1st Place – Private Projects

ICOM IBR Top Projects Announcement

The 90,000 square foot, three-story, L-shaped building is situated around a large open courtyard that is used year-round by students, faculty, and staff.  The facility program includes an ample lobby/gathering space, admissions, library, simulation spaces, osteopathic manual manipulation labs, standardized patient clinic simulation suites, lecture halls, small group study rooms, and several student lounge and support spaces.  It will be further supported by existing anatomy lab facilities within the ISU-Meridian building.

Renaissance High School – 1st Place – Renovation Projects

Renaissance High School IBR Top Projects Announcement2

The 44,750 square-foot renovation of Renaissance High School features collaboration spaces, industrial architecture compatible with the rest of the facility, LED lighting, improved acoustics, and new mechanical systems. When complete, the new areas will house the Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA) and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program, general education classrooms, fitness program, lab/lecture spaces for chemistry and biology, and a fully renovated auditorium space used jointly by the District and community. The project consisted of the demolition of the existing weight room, the cardio room, and the auditorium on the 1st floor. More usable space was created by combining the weight room and cardio room and updating and enclosing the auditorium. The 2nd floor was a wide open existing slab where 15 classrooms were added along with a sky bridge connecting the side of the classroom with the school administration side.

Timberline High School – 2nd Place – Renovation Projects

Timberline High School IBR Projects Announcement3 v2

The roughly 30,000 square foot, two-story addition also included an expanded administration offices area, restrooms, and central counseling suite. The ground floor is dedicated to the arts and contains makerspaces (a collaborative workspace) and instructional classrooms for ceramics, 2D/3D art, painting, drawing, computer graphic arts, and photography. The second floor adds on eight science, biology and chemistry classrooms, six of which have full student lab experiment stations with sinks. The project was designed by Lombard Conrad Architects (LCA) to blend seamlessly with the existing architecture inside and out. Interior corridors flow directly into the existing structure. The exterior materials were matched to the 20-year-old brick and stucco.

Boise Fire Training Center – 2nd Place – Public Projects

Boise Fire Training Center IBR Top Projects Announcement3 v2

The Boise Fire Training Center is the most advanced training facility in the region. Firefighters come from all over the Western US to train here in Boise, ID. The campus is set on 17 acres with a total of 25 acres for future expansion of more training buildings. Phase 1 consisted of four buildings:

  1. The Admin and Classroom Building for conducting classroom training and administrative duties.
  2. The Training and Safety building, built like an existing fire station, housing fire trucks equipment and the same notification systems as an operational fire station, to train new members of the fire teams
  3. The single-family residential Class A Burn Building, to simulate a two-story home with multiple bedrooms on fire. The process includes burning organic materials to simulate a realistic residence on fire.
  4. The five-story Commercial Tower has many props for simulating the challenges of fighting fire above and below the trainees. The 1st floor includes a hotel lobby, warehouse space, and retail space. The 2nd floor resembles a mall and retail shops. The 3rd floor simulates offices with cubicles like a regular office building. The 4th floor is built like a hotel with balconies and different rooms. Finally, the 5th floor simulates apartments. This building is pretty exciting because you can change up the egress pathways so that each training has different ways to access the various rooms and levels, ensuring the firefighters are not training the same environment every time. This building has multiple fire props throughout the building in the stairs on each level, and also has tie off points to train in rappelling to the lower levels from the roof and balcony levels.

Micron B37 – 3rd Place – Private Projects

Micron IBR Top Projects Announcement5

Micron Technology’s new Building 37 three-story office building is located toward the southern end of the Boise campus. The expansive 160,000 square-foot building houses approximately 1,120 employees. Teams and workstations are located around the perimeter of the building, offering daylight and views to the open office space. Meeting spaces are incorporated throughout the core and designed to encourage collaboration. The breakroom area provides comfortable seating areas to facilitate socialization for team members. A new two-story fitness center housed in the building offers wellness opportunities to the entire south side of the Micron campus.  The center can accommodate training for 150 team members at one time.  An outdoor basketball court and a covered bicycle storage facility, storing up to 64 bikes, contributes to the active lifestyle and amenities offered to Micron employees. Team members can access the fitness center and Building 37 through a sky bridge from an existing building which offers an abundant view of the campus.

Albertsons Broadway – Honorable Mention – Private Projects

Albertsons IBR Top Projects Announcement6

The Broadway Albertsons was designated to be the company’s flagship store with a bar located upstairs and a great view of the Boise State University (BSU) “Albertsons” stadium. This project was located next to the existing store that was built 79 years ago at the time of opening the new store. The new Albertsons offers cutting-edge departments that will provide a culinary experience for all that desire it.

Elegant simplicity and modern lines were utilized in the design of this full-service grocery with its dynamic two-story elevation and pronounced corner glazing. A concierge assists with catering, flowers, and décor for special events.  A tap room creates an entirely different feel for a grocery store.  An open mezzanine allows observation of the entire store, and outdoor patio seating offers an alternative dining experience. A robust social scene has bloomed for this store near Boise State University.


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