Integrating Environmental Structures

Boise State University’s Environmental Research Building is a state-of-the-art research center on campus that includes 43 labs, clean rooms, two freezer rooms, a 140 foot ground water testing well and a connection to the Boise Geothermal Heating System. The design incorporated sustainability principles related to site development, materials and sourcing, and water.

Giving Back to the Community

The building houses geological science and civil engineering teaching and research laboratories; as well as integrated office and work areas for the departments of: Geo-Sciences, Civil Engineering, Public Policy and Administration, and Political Science. The organization and design layout of the building promotes collaboration between scientists, engineers, as well as public policy and political science faculty on important environmental and public policy issues and problems.

Made for the Future

Laboratories and work areas are configured within a flexible lab design module and infrastructure systems to ensure future flexibility. This design approach will permit rapid and inexpensive reconfiguration in response to changes in research participants, project needs, and extramural funding. It is expected that the energy use of the building will be in the range of 30% better due to incorporated sustainability principles related to site development, water efficiency, energy, materials & resources, and indoor air quality in the design.