Founded in 2018, the ESI CARES Foundation is just getting started. We have chosen to combine our passion for environmental responsibility with our desire to contribute by establishing a metal recycling program. Our teams collect recyclable materials from our projects and our offices and turn them into dollars for ESI CARES and our community.

At any point in time, ESI is managing construction projects throughout the United States generating large amounts of scrap metal that would normally end up in a landfill. Our employees and trade partners help raise money to fund the Foundation by diverting this waste and recycling scrap metal on our projects. We recycle everything we can and use the salvage value to provide meaningful contributions to organizations in the communities we touch that support families.


Are you a business that needs to recycle metals? Here are three ways you can turn scrap metal into a generous donation to ESI Cares.

  1. If you recycle on a consistent basis and use Pacific Recycling, let them know that the proceeds of the metals collected for the month of April go to the ESI CARES foundation. Pacific will track your contributions and send the funds directly to the foundation. If you use a different recycling company, you can track the funds yourself and send the proceeds to ESI at 3330 E Louise Dr. Meridian ID 83642, Attention Crystal Jones.
  2. Donate a large amount of metal materials by reaching out to Pacific Recycling to have a bin dropped off–and we can help! When contacting Pacific, advise them that the bin is for ESI Cares and they will track the donation when the materials are collected.
  3. Donate a small amount of metal materials at our office at 3330 E Louise Drive, Meridian ID 83642. We will have a metal and aluminum bin in the east parking lot to drop off materials.

Get a list of qualifying materials.

To coordinate your donation with Pacific Recycling, contact:

Jordan Smith | (208) 466-1105 | jordan_smith@pacific-recycling.com




Pounds of Metal Recycled


Information for Grant Seekers

We receive hundreds of donation requests every year, so we are unable to fund every worthy request for support. ESI CARES makes every effort to partner with organizations that have the greatest impact while addressing critical community needs.

When considering requests for financial support, we focus on the following:

  • Programs that serve the specific needs of people in the community
  • Special consideration will be given to organizations that support women and children
  • Efficient and effective administration of funds and programs
  • Innovative and creative approaches to community challenges
  • Requests that include long-term plans for sustainability beyond ESI CARES funding

As a general rule, ESI does not make contributions to:

  • Annual funds and unrestricted general operating funds
  • Requests designated to influence government officials/lobbying
  • Religious organizations for the purpose of religious advocacy
  • Undesignated sponsorships
  • Individuals
  • School programs or projects that benefit one individual rather than a group of students
  • Youth athletic team sponsorships

Contact Us Today

If you feel that your request falls within ESI CARES Grant Seeking Guidelines and you would like to request a financial contribution from the ESI CARES Foundation, please provide the following information below. We request at least 14 days to consider your request.