Additional Expertise

We never settle for “good enough,” so we always exceed the average. Next to our extensive construction expertise stands our growing repertoire of additional expertise.

  • In-Depth Craft Partner Qualification

    To best protect our client’s interests and investment, we judiciously review and select craft partners based on their qualifications, financial strength, and value. ESI has developed a meticulous internal craft partner qualification process, which looks at retained earnings, bond rates, banking references, cash flows, and debt recovery, to reduce the risk of craft partner failure. Our procedures and our solid network of craft partners from past projects have been vital in significantly reducing craft partner failures over the years.

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

    This 3-D visual representation method gives us an edge from the beginning. Using it as a primary communication tool, we enable key craft partners to install work quickly and confidently, substantially reduce change orders through early clash detection procedures, and minimize delays resulting from the same clash detection procedures. As an industry leader in the use of BIM technology, we save our clients valuable time and money on large complex projects.

  • Proprietary Daily Reporting Software

    Over the past two decades, ESI has developed a proprietary, industry-leading daily reporting system. This incredibly powerful tool is used by our operational teams on a daily basis and is key in fulfilling ESI’s cultural mantra, “Everyone Succeeds Together.” In addition to communicating project progress to clients, the system visually emphasizes how many days remain on a project’s schedule, pushing project supervisors to maximize daily productivity on site.

  • Web-Based Document Sharing Platform

    Open communication leads to better support, better accountability, and, ultimately, better projects. Using a web-based document sharing platform, we embrace a “round-table” approach to constantly communicate with all project stakeholders during the project’s life cycle, from day one all the way through the warranty time frame. Everyone is an equal partner with an equal voice and has a full understanding of expectations from the very beginning of the project.

  • LEED/Sustainable Construction

    To provide our clients with first-choice service when approaching LEED/Sustainable Construction, ESI has developed the following LEED Action Plan to meet the desired level of certification on any given project. With a number of LEED-accredited professionals on staff, ESI has the depth of knowledge and experience necessary to bring this plan through completion.

    LEED Integrated Design Process
    Throughout the integrated design process, ESI strives to create a collaborative environment where all design team members, including the owner’s representative, are involved. Respective to the chosen LEED classification, we research every applicable credit to its full extent for approval or rejection by project stakeholders based on cost, life cycle analysis, and overall value to the project.

    LEED Competitive & Accurate Bidding Environment 
    The credits deemed important to the project as identified in the integrated design process will be thoroughly described in the project specifications and construction documents to ensure that all craft partners who participate on the project are well informed and bid accurately.

    LEED Tracking Tools
    The acceptance and compliance with all proposed LEED credits will be tracked for the entire duration of the project until the building receives its certification. ESI’s LEED team will track all credits against a project-specific LEED scorecard to document various credits such as construction waste management, recycled content, regional materials, certified wood, indoor air quality (IAQ) during construction, and low-emitting materials.

    Clear Communication 
    From day one until the certification is achieved, communication is the key on a LEED project. We are up to the challenge, ready to accomplish any level of certification you desire.