Our Core Values


We are dedicated to a Relentless Pursuit of Safety; to providing First Choice Service, quality and value; to growing personally, professionally, and as a team. We stay committed to our word, our work, and one another.


We deliver on our promises, inspiring trust through Experience, Service, and Integrity. We are resilient when challenged, persistent in our delivery, and reliable always.


We drive progress. We take initiative. We harness the diverse strengths of the entire team to meet project, client, and market demands of tomorrow.

“I count. I’m not just a number!”

“I have so many reasons to be thankful to both of you and to the whole ESI family. I love coming to work every day. I always wanted to do what I love and I am literally living my dream. So thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for the chance to grow and evolve as a person…Thank you for my bonus, my raise, and all the benefits you provide your employees that make it impossible not to want to work here… Every time I get my teeth cleaned, or use my phone, I am grateful. And I wanted you to know.”

– ESI Project Engineer, Intern Graduate


“The State of the Company event inspired me to strive to improve on many different levels. So many accomplishments driven by individuals working together toward a common goal under the leadership and direction of some very remarkable people. Just thinking about it and remembering all the years fills me with gratitude and joy. I am truly moved each and every day realizing exactly what it means to be part of the ESI family.”

– ESI Superintendent


“I’m so grateful to work here. I have never felt like a number
and I know my opinion counts.”

– ESI Project Manager

Everyone Succeeds Together

Our vision as a company is to achieve first-choice status with those we serve while making an enduring impact in every community we touch. We strive to achieve this goal together each and every day.

State of the Company 2024

Summer BBQ 2023

Safety Stand Down 2023

Internship Program

As part of ESI’s internship program, participants will gain practical, professional experience in a construction office and on an active project site, learning about estimating, scheduling, quality control, safety, and many other vital tools of the trade.

What is the ESI Internship Program?

We work hard, we play hard

A round-up of ESI projects and events