Steel-Frame, Ten-Story Commercial & Retail Space

The City Center Plaza development is a steel-frame, ten-story commercial and retail development located in the heart of downtown Boise. The exterior finish is comprised primarily of metal panels and reflective, insulated curtain-wall glazing which prevents heat gain and loss. The interior lobbies are finished with several high end ceiling types, ceramic tile, colorful wall coverings and extensive custom murals from local artists. There are 12 high-speed elevators and 3 multi-floor escalators.

Adjoining Five-Story Convention Center

The ten-story commercial and retail space is connected to the five-story Boise Centre convention center by a two-floor transition building. The site is fully landscaped with extensive LED lighting and the latest technology in security and surveillance systems.

Underground 50,000 Square-Foot Bus Station

ESI also constructed a 50,000-square-foot Main Street Station below street elevation. It consists of an entrance ramp and separate exit ramp, parking spaces for eight buses, passenger waiting/transfer areas, and support facilities. The space also includes a Boise Police sub-station.

Tenant Improvements

In addition to providing pre-construction, value analysis, construction management and general contracting services for the project as a whole, ESI also completed the tenant improvements for Clearwater Analytics and Boise State University.