Idaho's First Medical School

ESI was selected as the construction manager/general contractor for this new 94,000-square-foot higher education building. The building offers spaces ranging from group study rooms and student lounges, to lecture halls and multipurpose classrooms plus administration and faculty office and related building support areas. There are skillfully engineered examination offices, clinical skills and simulation labs with mannequins and actual “standardized patients,” an OMM lab, library, study spaces, and a marvelous open lobby.

High Quality Construction for our Healthcare

The facility was constructed immediately adjacent the Idaho State University Health Science building and Renaissance High School. Site work includes parking, landscaping, site lighting, and water features. Due to its proximity to students, a detailed safety plan and disruption avoidance plan was developed to ensure the safety of all adult and minor students, faculty, and visitors. Both the University and the High School were uninterrupted during the entire process.