First Class Facility

ESI provided CM/GC services for a new City of Meridian fire station. The facility includes sleeping rooms, restrooms, laundry, large kitchen and dining area, fitness center, day room/training room, firefighter work area, captain’s office, a shop, apparatus bay, and a wash alcove.

The 10,229-square-foot building will be staffed with one fire engine and a battalion chief, which will improve emergency response coverage for south Meridian. The layout of the fire station allows for better ventilation, isolated areas for contaminated gear, easy access to the fire engine and solid clean surfaces.

Additionally, Meridian Fire Station No. 6 has the first Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Washer in the state of Idaho, a machine that allows gear to be thoroughly washed after exposure to fires.


ESI just broke ground on South Meridian’s second fire station this March. With residential subdivisions and commercial buildings being built all around the city, the 10,400 square-foot building will quicken the response times for this growing community.  This station will be staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, along with a fire engine and battalion chief.