Design-Build for Agricultural Manufacturer

ESI was the design/builder for a new PerforMix Nutrition Systems, LLC. plant in Rupert, Idaho. PerforMix manufactures nutritional supplements for livestock and distributes its products to farms, dairies and ranchers throughout the Pacific Northwest. The project involved design and construction of five pre-engineered metal building structures and four tank farm foundations set on a 6.58 acre site fully developed with UG utility infrastructure, rail spur for bulk material deliveries, truck bellydump offloading area, an in-ground elevator for the receipt and distribution of raw materials, spill containment basins, tractor-trailer parking and staging areas, as well as a truck scale.

Working Inside and Out

Buildings were finished with associated offices, control rooms, break rooms, warehousing & storage mezzanines, product conveying systems, tanks for raw materials and finished products, manufacturing and distribution piping, pumps, mixers, automated control systems for monitoring materials inventory, finished product inventory, and various process adjustments during manufacturing. ESI self-performed all of the concrete work.

Certified Butler Buildings

As a partner with Butler ManufacturingTM, ESI offers our clients a wide range of new services functioning primarily around the pre-engineered metal building and roofing systems founded by Butler Manufacturing. For PerforMix, ESI constructed five of these pre-engineered metal building structures, which were customized to meet the specifications and needs of the plant. The materials are made of up to 74% recycled steel and require minimal maintenance, and the buildings are modular, so they can be relocated and adapted to different uses.