Water & Wastewater Facilities

ESI is the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) for the process wastewater, domestic wastewater, domestic water, irrigation and land application for the True West Beef processing plant near Jerome, Idaho.

Pretreatment of the process wastewater is being provided with screening, grit removal, and dissolved air flotation. Following pretreatment, process wastewater is further treated via anaerobic digestion in a 6 million gallon covered anaerobic lagoon, a sequencing batch reactor for nitrogen removal, and solids dewatering. Biogas from the anaerobic digestion is recovered, conditioned, and reused in the beef processing plant facilities. Process wastewater effluent is conveyed to irrigation storage ponds and land applied during the irrigation season through multiple irrigation pivot sprinklers. The domestic wastewater (i.e., sanitary sewage) system includes a septic system with large soil absorption system (LSAS). The domestic water system includes two new potable water wells, a 1.0 million gallon water storage tank, water booster pumping station with fire flow capacity, and an onsite water distribution system with water service connections and fire hydrants. The irrigation and land application systems include 7 acre and 20-acre ponds, multiple irrigation pumping stations, and pivot sprinklers. ESI is also the CM/GC for the fabrication, harvest, and security buildings of this True West Beef facility.